We take action
eCOadapt50 is working to implement more than 76 climate change adaptation actions with direct funding from the project, in addition to 1,000 other actions with complementary funding. 
We implement projects, investments or activities to promote local adaptation to climate change in rural territories based on the prior analysis of vulnerabilities, the selection and prioritisation of actions during the participatory spaces of the LL4CC, all while maximising their replicability.
Coordinated by ARCA, the aim is to carry out more than 76 actions using the project's own resources, amounting to around 5 million euros, and to promote the implementation of more than 1,000 complementary actions by raising more than 73 million euros from the public and private sectors.
Using the methodology and criteria established by the Regional Council of Alt Penedès, part of the actions that we will implement will be Nature-based Solutions, since these will help strengthen the resilience of the territories while also contributing to the reinforcement of the ecosystemic services.