The territories' vulnerability to climate change by identifying potential impacts (exposure and sensitivity) and assessing their capacity to adapt to climate change.
The DACC-OCCC is responsible for carrying out a diagnosis of the vulnerability to climate change of each of the territories included in the eCOadatp50 project, in accordance with the ESCACC30 and taking into account the four sectors of the project and the socio-economic characteristics of these territories.
The results of these diagnoses will help us to identify the different climate change scenarios based on regionalised statistical projections with a spatial resolution of 1 km for the period 1971-2050, as well as to identify and prioritise the most suitable locations for implementing climate change adaptation measures. 
The vulnerability diagnoses will draw on the knowledge of local technicians and people working in the targeted economic sectors and will use a methodology similar to that of the Life Clinomics project, based on risk analysis and a traffic light rating system to define three levels of vulnerability assessment.