Strategic framework

The Life eCOadapt50 project provides a local response to the different agreements and policies for adapting to climate change at the European, Spanish and Catalan levels. It undertakes to address the challenges that may arise and works to propose solutions.

LIFE eCOadapt50 aims to implement the Local Climate Adaptation Strategy (ELACC) across 19 territories in Catalonia. The ELACC was developed as part of the Life Clinomics project, which was successfully implemented in three territories: the Alt Penedès region, the Montseny Biosphere Reserve and the Terres de l'Ebre Biosphere Reserve.

The objective of the ELACC is to promote administrative cooperation in the planning, implementation and management of adaptation, in order to minimise the impact of climate change on the different socio-economic activities of the territories involved.

Using the proposals on the adaptation to climate change from the different levels of government as a starting point, the ELACC then specifies these at a local level:
Catalonia and Spain
Law 16/2017 on Climate Change and the Catalan Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change 2021-2030

To contribute to the coordination of all Catalan public administrations, the participation of citizens and social and economic actors, as well as the sectoral planning of adaptation to climate change, with a particular focus on the rural agenda.

Law 7/2021 on Climate Change and Energy Transition and National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change

Contribute to promoting the participation and mobilisation of all public and private actors and the adaptation of the most vulnerable public and private economic sectors.

European Union and United Nations
European Union

It aims to contribute to the development of strategies at a local level in order to implement the principles of adaptation to climate change, develop a sustainable economy, increase local resilience and restore and strengthen forestry management to improve its resilience. 

United Nations

Through a direct commitment to SDG 13 and a significant commitment to SDGs 6, 9, 12, 14 and 15, as well as the transition to a climate-resilient economy.