COcreation of strategic action for climate change adaptation of territories and local economies

Life eCOadapt50 is a European project on adaptation to climate change, led by the Àrea d'Acció Climàtica i Transició Energètica of the Diputació de Barcelona and involving 25 public and private stakeholders. The project aims to facilitate the co-creation of strategic actions to adapt local areas and economies to climate change and will be implemented in 19 different territories across Catalonia.

By involving the social and economic stakeholders of the different territories, as well as the local administrations, and with a budget of around 19 million euros, Life eCOadapt50 plans to carry out at least 76 actions between 2023 and 2030 in four economic activities that are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change: agriculture/livestock, forestry, fishing and tourism. The initiative will be implemented in 19 different areas of Catalonia, covering around 60% of the region's territory (around 19,400 km2) and involving more than 10% of the population (over 900,000 inhabitants).

8 years
until 2030
18,6 M€
planned actions
+73 M€
investment in other actions

To build a future that minimises the impact of climate change on the different socio-economic activities of the territories in question. 


Involve the economic and social actors of the territories through information, awareness, training, participation and action. 


Set up fixed spaces for debate, participation, and proposals for promoting and co-creating solutions to adapt to climate change. 


Develop a long-term programme for implementing measures and allocating investments (+€73 million).


Work towards generating reliable knowledge on the impacts of climate change on these sectors, such as reduced availability and quality of water, more frequent heat waves and increased risk of fires.

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Life eCOadapt50 focuses on adapting the agriculture/livestock, forestry, fishing and tourism sectors to the effects of climate change.
Informative brochure

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