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Life eCOadapt draws from and follows the lessons learned from other Life and similar climate change adaptation projects, such as Life Clinomics and other similar projects in Spain and Europe.
Life Clinomics

This project (2016-2019) sought to implement new investment processes involving public entities, especially municipalities, as well as private companies in certain representative sectors, to reduce their vulnerability, anticipate the impacts of climate change and increase their resilience in order to improve their competitiveness and increase employment.


This project aims to increase the resilience of the Navarre region to climate change by integrating the different sectoral policies in order to integrate the fight against climate change into its planning and development. As a regional strategy, it ensures that progress in the different sectors can be coordinated.


The main objective of this project is to implement the Basque Country Climate Change Strategy - KLIMA 2050 in the urban area, promoting energy and climate transition through the implementation of a total of 40 actions to ensure the resilience of the Basque Country to climate change.


The landscape resilience knowledge alliance for agriculture and forestry in the Mediterranean basin is a thematic networking project. It aims to engage with farmers and foresters to share knowledge and implement innovative landscape resilience solutions in the Mediterranean.


"Towards a climate-resilient cross-border mountain community in the Pyrenees"
The main objective of the project is to implement the Pyrenees Climate Change Strategy (EPiCC), the first European climate change strategy specifically designed for a cross-border mountain bioregion, and to promote resilience in the Pyrenees through the implementation of climate change adaptation measures.